Monday, February 25, 2013

First lines...

I suppose I should have a better reason for blogging tonight other than I just downloaded the Blogger app for my iPad and wanted to check it out. I mean, I'm writing with the idea that someone out there will read this post, so I should come prepared with message in hand. Alas, I am not that well prepared.

Truth is, Reg and Rowan are sleeping, and I'm up drinking a cup of tea and having some toast from the last of the bread Reg made. (Sorry love... there may be no bread left for you tomorrow morning!) At the moment I have several choices. I could play some random mindless iPad game. I could work on a video project for work that I committed to doing today (despite being on mat leave, I just needed a little project). I could be working on an outline for my next book. Or I could blog. This seemed easiest, so here I am. Oh, and the random picture of my cup of tea is just so I can play with adding photos through this app. I should note I normally drink tea from a cup, not a mug, but it's my Nan's mug and I'm missing her tonight, hence the mug.

So to steer this post into some sort of writerly direction, I was just on youtube and found a video of Avon staff reading the first lines of various books... including Gone With the Wind! Here's the link if you want to watch:

Anyway, that got me to thinking about how important the first line of anything you write is. When we are out book shopping and have too many books picked out, we often choose which ones make it home with us by reading the first line. Best first line novels get bought.

When I was writing "Heart's Ease" (that's the working title of the novel I submitted... still not sure if I like it so it may change if I get the chance) Reg wasn't sold on the opening line. I trust his judgement on so many things that now I'm wondering why I didn't go back and change it. If the book is rejected, I'm sure it will be for lots more reasons that the first line, but now I'm wondering if my judgement was off. Ugh. Just another reason to toss and turn while waiting.

Here's the first line: The one thing no one ever tells you about royalty, either of the Hollywood or Aristocratic variety, is that they all leave a hell of a lot of mess behind them.


Oh. And as for this new app? Not bad as far as the writing side goes. Now let's see how it looks when I hit publish!

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  1. I'm reading - and since I seem to be stalking you here and on Twitter, I should 'follow' :)

    First lines - ugh! I'm always caught up in the first line issue and everything you read says that that first line has to be a doozy if you want to garner the attention of editors and agents. But I wonder how many of the fabulous first lines out there were actually the original first lines? Like titles, I wonder at how much input from editors goes into those first lines. This is me trying very hard to not get so caught up in having that perfect first line.

    BTW - I liked your first line. And your nan's mug - beautiful!!